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Mobile Applications

Starting with Locate And Share we will be bringing you a variety of extremely useful, possibly life-saving, mobile applications. Available now for the iPhone; from iTunes or the App Store.

Available on the App Store

Locate And Share

A one button tap instantly sends your location to anyone, via text, email, Twitter or Facebook. NO prior signup, NO prior setup. For either you or your recipients. They don't need the same app or even any app! Their phone or computer already comes with what they need!

For your young kids:
"Daddy, come get me! Here I am.."

Avoid a DUI:
"Hey buddy, can't drive, please come get me, here.."

For your older kids:
"Here I am, Mom.. you can go to bed now!"

Hiking with friends:
"I am here at this location.. where are you?"

"911 - how may I help you"
"ran off the road.. not sure where.. I'm sending you my location"

On a date, sending to your best friend, to stay safe:
"Not sure where we are now.. but here's the location.."

Meeting a business acquaintance at a large event:
"if you can't find me, I'm right here at this location.."

Just open Locate And Share, tap the "Share Location" button at the bottom and your location link is immediately pasted into your choice of an email, text message, or Facebook or Twitter post.

Works universally for anyone you send to!

The recipient(s) get that link immediately and they simply tap (or click, if on a computer) and no matter what kind of smartphone they have (iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc) or what kind of computer (PC/Mac/Linux) it will instantly show your location on a map and they'll be guided to you!

Your recipient does NOT need to install this same app, or any other app at all. They just tap the link, and it opens up a map in whatever browser they already have, whether it's Safari, IE,  Firefox, Chrome, etc. This works universally on all devices!

Great for Emergencies
So Easy & Convenient
Piece of Mind with Family & Loved Ones

Why is this so helpful? Sure you can see where you are on your iPhone map, but if you need to send that to someone, whether it's an emergency or not, there is no easy way to do that. Sure there are apps that show you and your friend's locations but you both have to set it up and sign up in advance and agree to track each other. And you both need smartphones, etc.  But what if you just want to send your location just this once, perhaps to an acquaintance or a parent or a child. or even perhaps to emergency services. Then this becomes incredibly useful. You instantly send a automatically geo-coded link to anyone you want. They simply tap or click the link, on ANY smartphone OR any computer - PC or Mac - and your location is pinpointed on a map!

So you are NOT continuously tracked. Apps that shows "friends" locations continuously are great for their purpose, but what if you'd like to send your precise location to someone who is not a close friend, or doesn't have the same app installed, or doesn't have the same phone, or they are on a desktop computer...

Certainly if you need to update your location, you can resend anytime you like. This is far easier than pulling up your own map, and telling someone "I'm at the intersection of..." or "I'm halfway up the mountain trail of.."   The uses of this app are numerous. Your child can immediately verify their location to you without the invasiveness of their being continually tracked. If you or your children or other loved ones need help, they can instantly transmit their location to anyone at all!


  • NO SETUP. NO SIGNUP. Instantly send your location!
  • No constant tracking.. a one-time location link!
  • Keeps your loved ones safe!
  • Emergency personnel can locate you precisely, instantly!
  • Children can "check in" much more reliably.
  • Send location to acquaintances or others



Share My Location Screen Shot

Just tap the "Share Location Link" and then in the next screen select your recipient(s) and send!

Example Scenario:
Your car broke down in the middle of a long empty highway. Better than calling someone and pulling up Google Maps on your phone and guessing how far from some intersection you are, just open "Locate and Share" tap the button and send your precise location to anyone.

Example Scenario:
Opening Day at the Del Mar races.. It's night, the event is over and you are wandering the local streets, a little too tipsy. You got separated from your party group. So you call a loved one to come pick you up but you are unable to tell him exactly where you are. What to do? Just tap "Locate and Share" and your precise location is texted to him instantly.

Example Scenario:
You are hiking in a remote area and took a wrong trail. You eventually realize your mistake and even bringing up Google Maps on your phone doesn't help you see how to get where you were going. Bring help by tapping "Locate And Share" to send your precise location to anyone.

Example Scenario:
You are on a wilderness trek and you won't get lost, but an injury is highly possible. So you use this app to occasionally send your location to a trusted friend, just in case an accident makes it impossible to call for help. The "breadcrumbs" you've sent make it easy for help to find you.

Example Scenario:
You're alone on the street and help immediate help. You call 911 and they have to ask you where you are since you are on a cell phone, but you don't know exactly. Tell them to give you a cell number or email and tap the "Share" button to send them your precise location.