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Aug 15, 2013 - Release of "Locate and Share"

Top Stories:

  • Customer Testimonial: Lost
    Lost and Stranded While Hiking
    I was lost in the Cleveland National Forest. I didn't know who to call so I sent my location to my brother with a request for help. I had very spotty reception but a text made it through. It took him less than a minute on the internet to find the nearest Ranger station, and he forwarded my location link to them, and in no time, they were right there.
  • Customer Testimonial:
    Meeting A First Date
    We had trouble finding each other because of a slight mixup on street names. This app solved the problem, saved our date, and we were both impressed!
  • Emergency!
    I called 911 from my cell phone, but I couldn't give
    them my location-I didn't know exactly where I was!
    So they gave me an email address and I just opened
    "Locate And Share" and they were on their way!

Press Releases

  • Press Release soon!